Eye Care for Animals – Tenant Improvement


​​Eye Care for Animals

1615 West Happy Valley Road

Phoenix, AZ 85085


​​Fox Architecture

11044 Research Boulevard
Suite D130
Austin, TX 78759



Accepting Bids – TBA


​​(480) 451-1083


​​Email Estimating@wsgeneral.com


This is a 3,257 SF tenant finish out project. The site work and shell of this new building is being designed and permitted separately by a different architecture firm and engineering firm. This project will not make any modifications to the site or to the shell building’s structural system or exterior. The building and this finish out are only one story. The existing accessible route into the building from the exterior is not being altered by this project. The project program consists of a veterinary clinic for pet eye services. The clinic will consist of a waiting and reception area, 5 eye exam rooms, 1 office, a treatment room, a surgery room, a break room, a prep/laundry, a laundry/kennel room, a file room, and 2 restrooms. No animals will be housed overnight at this facility. Any animal in a kennel will only be present when employees are present in the building during hours when customers can visit the business. There is only one suite / tenant, “eye care for animals” in this building.

Western States General Contracting is bidding on this project, will review all bids and contact subcontractors for additional discussion. All bids are due by 
TBA. If you have questions, please reach out to our team at estimating@wsgeneral.com